av database update hanging at 30%

Good People,
Old problem has raised its ugly head,namely av database update hanging at 30 %.

OS: Win 7 RC
CIS version: 3.10.102363.531
database version: 1157

Last time this happened database was corrupted and a kind soul made latest version available as a file.

Don’t even recall what file needed to delete and replace.

What I do know is that av database update hangs.


When doing a clean install, the AV database is DL’d as a separate file after then installation is complete.
This file is large and will appear to hang at 30% for some time. It will eventually jump to 51% and steadily, albeit slowly, climb to completion.
Please be patient with it.

Many thanks. Turns out that you were 100% correct.

Quite by accident I was away from the netbook for about 1/2 hour and update finished.

The update only brought me to 1552.

Did another update request and now database is up-to-date–1593.

Perhaps some indication during the update procedure that the update is not hung would be helpful.


+1 on that suggestion.