AV data base

I wonder what the deal is with the data base for the AV, seems like every time I do a restore using a restore point the entire data base needs to be downloaded again, over 200mg.

Comodo seems to be the only program that does this. Is there a way to make the FULL data base file be added to a restore point so it is recovered and functional when you need to do a recovery using a “restore point”.

A workaround would be to take a copy of the bxxxxxx.cav from the ‘C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners’ folder and place it in a known location before running system restore.
This could then be imported after system restore has been run.

Kind regards.

Please note the cav file has to be copied at the same time as each system restore point is taken.

During the system restore the settings for CIS are reset to the time it was taken so even though the cav file is a more recent one as far as CIS is concern it is corrupt.


Edit I presume this is because CIS saves it settings in the registry though this has not been confirmed in the bug report.