AV Comparitves February 2008 Results

Here you go. Makes me glad to change over from NOD32 to Avria Premium. :BNC


Once again Avira scores great with its detection rate. AntiVirusKit (AVK) was almost as good - I haven’t even heard about it!


Yes I know. I always used NOD32 and recently switched to AntiVir. First scan found a Trojan kicking around for the past year. Some magic.dll thing.

Really? :o Has it been around in your system, latently?


Date created was July of 07. But it was just laying there. I uploaded to VirusTotal.com and sure it was a trojan. Low one but glad Avria found it.

Btw, how 'bout Avira Antivir Free Edition? Does it have the same ability like its Premium Edition? Thx.

No its not as effective but still good.

Yes, less functionality, but I suppose it has exactly the same signature database (=> 99%+ detection).


the premium edition has :
email scanner (it’s redundant, i think)
faster update through premium server (free edition update isn’t bad)
spyware protection (there’s a lot of other FREE antispywares)
5 euro donation to auerbach foundation :a0

:BNC long live freeware

Once again Avira shows great results! It’s great to see this fantastic product do so consistently well :■■■■

Am I sounding like a fanboy here? :slight_smile:

Using Antivir premium & Kaspersky in seperate partitions. It good to they core very high. :BNC

I know The paid version and the free version use the same scan engine… As does AVG… and Avast… ;D

Come now all, you all should know to take these results with a grain of salt. Im sorry to spoil all of your fun, but we all know (sub consciously) that avira isnt better because this site says so. Nod 32 could truly be better, yet its just a test, and in no way can determine what is truly good.

Sorry to spoil your fun Avira’ers :wink:

You forget better trojan detection & worm detection. Im using the premium here. The classic is okay but premium is better.


True, they are the same engine, and the admin on av comparatives confirmed its the same exact engine (with out the antispyware)

The thing is Avira Antivir is German,which normally means outstanding performance,reliabiliy and ergonomics.Bit like the BMW/MERC of AV`s ;D


Have you noticed they tested the premium version instead of the classic version. The classic version is not proven & tested.

That’s incorrect that the free version is untested,the classic version was used in this particular test:


If you’re saying that the classic version has an inferior AV capability apart from the lack of an e-mail scanner, perhaps you could show where this has been documented,since the Avira site doesn’t mention this.

Having said that in my opinion the premium version should be purchased if finances allow,since the developers of this great product should be rewarded. :■■■■

Yes they test the paid version, but the admin of av comparatives himself said the free has the same detection rate as the paid version.