AV Comparatives

If anyone wants to verify this, go to


Test of other Anti-Virus products February 2007 (PDF)

Comodo 27%

Now, someone might say that this test was of version 1.1 and I know that, but they have a footnote at the bottom of the page that says that their assessment of 2.0 was that it only got 43%. This is definately not good news and I must say that I am now writing this post after getting rid of CAVS. I might try it again after the launch of a full product but I still doubt how secure the product is. I liked Comodo but I simply can’t trust my machine to something like this, especially when it is higher in resource usage than others of it’s kind and since there are other, more well respected and well known products for free as well. I will keep my eye on Comodo as I was impressed with it but I feel that I should let people know some of the stats on it.

BTW, if someone has counter evidence to this, I would be glad to hear it, I liked Comodo but I’m just not too sure about how safe I am with it. I look forward to hearing some responses, and maybe enough proof that I should switch back.

Matt Segstro

My Counter Evidence to this is: CAVS is beta!

Noone is suggesting that CAVS Beta has the best detection. It has one of the best prevention (it prevents more malware/virus/spyware/trojan than other AV’s can detect. so is it protecting you? you bet it is!
However, we are working on detecting more.


Yes, the detection is not the highest. But security, not only in general but if you whish to specify it to being protected from malware, is more than just detection.


I can understand if you chose something else than CAVS, but keep an eye on it! By the end of July (if no delays, so perhaps August actually), I think, an interesting update will arrive.

WOW! I must say, Melih, there was that blog or whatever that you had posted here one the forums somewhere which LeoniAquila alerted me to, I read it and that was the proof that I was looking for. You are totally right about prevention. I will still run checkups with other programs (stand alone virus scanners etc.) that won’t interfere with Comodo (runtime issues etc.) but will be able to perform the On Demand functions that Comodo isn’t the greatest at, but I’m going to put the Comodo suite on my machine again for the layered approach.

Matt Segstro

Matt, good to hear! I truly believe that Comodo’s layered approach is the future. It makes sense. Besides, they happen to offer the very best (probably) firewall available today - really bullet proof doors and windows, so I think many people’s trust in Comodo is rising.

Thanks Matt. Our goal is simple: to Protect you!