AV-comparatives testing

I notice several articles (mostly on various PC Magazine or ZDNet sites) lately (like in the last day or two… I don’t know if it’s because new tests have been released or what) which cite AV-COMPARATIVES testing results…


…and I can’t help but notice that Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is nowhere to be found on the list of products tested… or anywhere on that site, based on my having searched for the word “Comodo” thereon.

Just for grins, I emailed AV-COMPARATIVES and asked why, and someone named “Andreas Clementi” responded, simply, that “Comodo would have to apply for a test.” To which I responded, “thanks; I’ll now go ask Comodo why it hasn’t so done.” So, here I am.

I’m just asking (and this question isn’t one of those passive-aggressive things which are actually comments, but just with a question mark after them… I really, simply, want to know): Is the opinion AV-COMPARATIVES not something about which Comodo cares?

I only wonder because such as PC Magazine and ZDNet publications seem to think it matters; and I just hate to see Comodo not represented when such as they publish an article about such things… especially because I think CIS would fare well in their tests…

…or wouldn’t it? Is THAT the reason why it’s not there? Or is it too cost-prohibitive or something?

Just curious.



From what I know the plan is to maybe apply for testing once version 4 is out and dialed in, but I could be wrong.