Av-Comparatives: Retrospective/Proactive Comparative May 2010

The Retrospective/Proactive Comparative May 2010 is on line.

Trusport the best one
Panda the big winer!!! but many fps
Very low score for Avast
Norton: deception
Comodo the big absence :cry:

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Why COMODO Antivirus is not in the Test? :stuck_out_tongue:

The last thing that I heard is that they “are trying” to get in…

we did ask for it be included, but i don’t think av comparitive guys had time to test it :frowning:


Well, if people have “time” to test whatever software they choose, and not whatever other one, the tests are by definition biased and void.

I don’t think they were being unfair in this scenerio tbh. it is time consuming to test, and I do respect that they have limited amount of time.


Is the first time that I heard that an AV have troubles to get in avcomparatives.

Well…we were looking forward to be included as our users wanted us to as well.

We want to be in both dynamic and static tests. So we made the request to be included on both going forward.

So I guess we just have to wait for our turn and we have to accept that people only have so much bandwidth.


yeah i would like to see comodo in both dynamic and static tests. in dynamic tests everyone knows it will be 100%. in antivirus tests i am confident of cav coz now i found it really better than any paid and free out there. so i am confident cav will be in top 3 in its very first test in avcomp.


our last email to AV-Comparitives was on 8th may asking the status…

like i said, they were busy and hopefully we can make it in the next round. We have made our request to be formally in this dynamic and static test


Hi guys. I am assuming that Av comparitives test just the Av component and not the behavior/Hips/d+ part, correct?.We all know a lot of avs have behavior blockers/ Hips included and am certain the results would have been different in the sense that those vendors who employ Hips/ Behavior blockers would have scored higher. I imagine seperate tests of security suites would bear out higher detections % and am 100% certain that v4.1 would do just that.


Sorry to be party pooper…
you must only link to: http://www.av-comparatives.org

I hope you’ll get in the next test. Last year virus.gr a Greek Site,tested Comodo 3.9.95478.509 Virus.GR
These are the results,it was pretty good.


  1. G DATA 2009 - 98,89%
  2. F-Secure 2009 9.00.148 - 98,72%
  3. Kaspersky 2010 - 98,67%
  4. AntiVir Premium - 98,64%
  5. ZoneAlarm Antivirus 8.0.400.020 - 98,62%
  6. AntiVir Personal - 98,56%
  7. Ashampoo 1.61 - 98,48%
  8. MultiCore 2.001.00036 - 98,36%
  9. Paretologic 6.1.1 - 98,11%
  10. TrustPort - 98,03%
  11. eScan 10.0.977.4091 - 97,82%
  12. The Shield 2009 12.0.12 - 97,72%
  13. BitDefender 2010 - 97,61%
  14. Ikarus 1.0.97 - 97,15%
  15. AVG 8.5.392 Free - 97%
  16. BitDefender 2009 Free - 96,37%
  17. Nod32 4.0.437.0 - 95,97%
  18. Avast 4.8.1335 Free - 95,87%
  19. Comodo 3.9.95478.509 - 95,57%

Wonder why they tested avira version 9 instead of 10??

Because you don’t understand what rerospective test really is. The same reason why they tested AVIRA 9 and why CIS wasn’t included. Read the documentation.