AV comparative

Hi everyone I want to know why comodo dont appear in av comparative… And I want to see another comparative and I want to know the detectión rate of the Comodo AV.
And please tellme why Microsoft security essentials scan more archives than comodo. And Why comodo is a better option to protect my pc.

Oh I forgot to askyou if comodo av are only antivirus or are antivirus and antispyware
If I install comodo i need an antyspyware solution?

You can check out the latest test at Matousec.


This is the second test in a row that CIS has been given a 100% rating. (I believe it the the first and only product to score 100%)

CIS also protects against spyware.

This currently discuss for a long time.
So Moderators should add this king of question to important topic or Faq.

If I install Comodo i need an antyspyware solution?
No your covered adware,spyware,ransomware, trojans, worms, rootkits, and everything else combined is called malware anti-malware - your covered

Yes, but only run one real-time scanner at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

SAS pro and MBAM pro are exceptions to this rule.

They are? Why? I have read some articles and forum posts which say they shouldn’t be run at the same time.

God, oh my god you ansewer me thank you a lot Im very happy to see it. I have another cuestion I want to why the file size limit are 20mb, Why the default settings says “Comodo dont scan files largues than 20 MB”
For security (not for perfomance) is recomendable increse this value ?

Comodo didn’t pick this value lightly. Yes, you can increase it if you want, but really, the whole purpose of malware is be be able to rapidly spread. You don’t find much malware larger than 20MB.

Before to try comodo I use another antivirus products. In avast forum they say I can exclude Photo and video files to acelerate the scan Is recomendable exclude this kind of files to better protectión?

Any extension can be excluded if you wish. Just go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions. Click the Add button, and Browse Files. In the Add new item window, just use the asterisk wildcard followed by the extension and click the + sign. For example, *.jpg

Excluding these items may increase scan speed, but this will definitely not give you better protection. Malicious code can be hidden in these types of files, although the code must be executed in order to infect your machine.

Thank you so much Im very happy whit your support

You’re welcome. We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

A roundup of AV tests done this year (found on Wilders).
I noted it interesting Comodo CIS was not listed.

We all know they have hate (not everyone on there but a few) in general for Comodo Products, I would like to know where that all derived from as have seen it come and go since I’ve been a member since 2009.

But that’s another story, which is not meant for this thread…

the “big mouth” style (wiith all respet due) of melhi and some comodo fanboys reactions may explain why they “hate” it, sometime it annoy me as well ; but i like comodo so i let it pass.^^

its easy to blame the “style”…the reality is…its all about $$$…and I don’t expect to be liked by the people whose business I affect negatively. That is the reality…don’t forget they even sent their “paid” “bloggers” to bad mouth us…

True. Comodo is easily the most “hated” security company around…that means you’re doing something right. ;D

Hi. Melih may come across as a having big mouth style, but I think he is just someone that speaks his mind with confidence. As far as the Fanboys go, I see no difference in reactions than I do from people that support and use other products. I know their is a fine line between Fanboy/girlism, and support for a certain product. CIS, I like it, I trust it, I will stick up for it, I use it and support it. Does this qualify as a fanboy, maybe, maybe not. A fanboy/girl usually can’t see good in other products from being bias, I can along with many other Comodo users. I am not saying we don’t have Fanboys/Girls, but we don’t have anymore than any other product. Imo When Comodo started going forward as fast as it did, it did create emotions and jealousy. Which in turn created tension and conflicts between supporters and non supporters on numerous sites. Kind regards