AV Companies making viruses

Do you think Antivirus/malware/spyware Companies make viruses to get more customers? (:NRD)

remember the sherlock holmes mantra: who profits from the crime? (or something like that).

Are you sure you want to allow members to have 2 votes? What if someone picks both “none” and “all”? It would skew the results.

i don’t think any respectable company is. There are enough malware out there to keep everyone busy, hence i doubt very much if anyone bothers to create their own.


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Yeah, you’re probably right. But probably some give false positives on purpose to make the user feel safer, and some may make their product real hard to uninstall (example: Spyware Doctor was very hard for me to disable, but I think it it still running). I guess this isn’t the same as making viruses, but it is close.

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I think some AV companies make variants in house to test the power of their engine and the ability to catch variants since virus writers make a lot of variants.

If you are talking about a security company creating security threats to improve their security… doesn’t this create false security?

As for me? i would personally say that i have felt that some employee of few companies have been creating viruses and submitting them to their own databases…
This is probably true… and as a “Virus Writer” as Star Shadow has labeled lol…
I create to test and only to make best of the AV i have


Who ever voted “All except Comodo” I will (:CLP) & (:LGH)



i replied maybe a few,
when u see what actions people are able to do to take the power in real life, why internet should be different ?

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Well I guess it is ok as that wasn’t too nice to other av companies. (:WIN)

Well, maybe not the company itself, but perhaps a programmer who wants to evolve to a higher stage within the company may create malware, release it and then be the first to find the cure… Don’t know, maybe it sounds conspiracy…

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Hmm. This brings me to the false positives thingie. I think i never had the Boss Eye or the Spam-mailbot.C, even though norton free scan scanned those directories and came up with nothing. Could this be an outrageus and dirty advertising trick, to put the most “intelligent” people, that notice these things, to buy the full version of Norton?