AV CHANGES - advice needed

Hi all.

In May of this year I switched from PC-Cillin to AOL’s free version of Kapersky with the Comodo firewall. As of Aug. 30, the AOL program no longer supports updates. While researching the free av’s that are available I discovered CAVS and have it installed. I also installed BOClean. On install, to my surprise, CAVS detected and quarantined a file that had not been previously detected!

I’ve read posts in which people have been advised to stay with their current av program until CAVS gets a final release if they are not currently having problems. That is not an option for me as I have to make a switch, and unless I get strong recommendations to the contrary, I am planning on going full Comodo. However, I also need to switch both my brother’s and my friend’s computer as well and am a bit more risk adverse when it is not my own computer. I am debating on whether I should set them up with CAVS or go with something like AVG/Avast/Avira. I suspect that whichever program I give them, they will be using for awhile. I would like to setup CAVS on their computer as it sounds to have great potential and seems to be working well on my own computer.

Any suggestions/advice on what I should do with my own computer and, more importantly, with my brother’s and friend’s computers? Is it too early to be considering CAVS for av protection?

hi GUU (:WAV)
someone has just ask a very similar question earlier.

the issue is :

  1. CAVS BETA still got minor bugs and uses RAM more than avast/ avira (i guess you have no
    prob’s with that since you’re already installed it on your computer). so, for your computer, i
    suggest stick with CAVS. pretty good detection rate & don’t forget that CAVS got HIPS.
  2. for your bro & friends : consider the 2 issues and make your decision, you don’t wannabe
    called computer destroyer brother, don’t you? ;D
    avast or avira is a good choice too, but they don’t have HIPS function.


Good advice from ganda! :slight_smile:

I’d also like to add;

As for CAVS and its HIPS - it’s provides good protection but may also be noisy for the average user. I don’t know which kind of users your brother and friend are, so you should consider their patience in HIPS alerts, when they run/install new and unknown programs.

Because of CAVS’ lower detection rate than the well-known avast, Avira or AVG systems, it may also be a good idea to use BOClean as an extra layer of real time monitoring.


Thank you both.

I appreciate having your advice & suggestions.


Thanks for that info. I thought it was just a temporary updating problem with AOL’s AVS. Do you have a link to a source that explains why they did this? I was under the impression that you had up to a year to keep using this program.

I too will now have to uninstall AOL’s AVS from my own computer and two others. I might go back to Grisoft’s free AVG product. It has more signatures than CAVS and uses less resources.

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CAVS got less signatures than AVG coz it still a new AV, therefore CAVS don’t have all the outdated virus signatures.
and don’t forget the HIPS function,
after all, using a virus signatures based AV is like using a shield with holes on it. many Major AV (and comodo too) can’t detect local viruses in my country coz this kind of viruses don’t spread globally. so HIPS is my very reason to keep CAVS.

hello to all. Not to take the spotlight away from CAVS but i had to do the same with my old AV (McAfee) And i switched to Avast 4.7 Home it’s been awesome so far. So you might wanna try it out if you want. (B)

I read this on a forum, but did not see an official aol release. I’ve searched my history and the web trying to find where I read this … no success. Now I’m wondering if indeed it was not just a temporary problem! The last successful update for our computers was August 30. As of yesterday, September 2 AVS was still not updating. I’ve already switched my computer and my brother’s computers … perhaps I acted prematurely! In any event, so far I am satisfied, so I will not be switching back.

Has any1 else heard anything or know if it was just a temp?

My last successful update was also August 30th. I still get “Update failed: incorrect signature” when I try to update. I wonder if the server address for the updates is hard coded into the program or if a registry change can be made to update directly from Kaspersky’s server?

I’ll give it till Wednesday to see if the problem clears up or not. I’ll switch after that.

lol … I just talk to my friend who thinks that her AVS updated today… although she was not certain that she was looking at the right thing. I don’t think that I will change mine back to find out and I will not be able to check her computer out until next weekm, which I will do in case she is in error. Can any1 confirm whether their AVS is updating.

Hi nobodyinparticular

Has the problem corrected itself yet?

I'll give it till Wednesday to see if the problem clears up or not. I'll switch after that.

Sounds like a wise plan.


It is now Wednesday(09/05/07) and my AOL AVS still won’t update. It will get uninstalled today. I’ll have to flip a coin to decide between Grisoft’s AVG and Comodo’s CAVS. One is stable, mature, quiet, and low on resources. The other is unstable, still in beta, noisy, a resource hog but showing alot of promise. Wish me luck.

Hi nobodyinparticular.

Geeesh, not updating yet. I will have to make a point of getting over to my friend’s computer.

I havn’t used Comodo long enough yet to give an informed opinion on stability, but I have had no problems yet. I do a bit of online gaming and have not found that the resource usage has had an effect … doesn’t seem as hungry as PC-Cillin was … but I’ve never actually looked to see how much RAM is being consumed (I have 500 MB). I don’t have the automatic updater running which probably helps.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and keep safe!

AOL switched from Kaspersky’s AV scan engine to McAfee. That is why AVS is no longer updating…



In order to continue using AVS, just add the following entry into your Hosts file: download.newaol.com

The Hosts file is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Now AOL will use Kaspersky servers for updates. This still works for me as of today (Sept. 11, 2007).

Thanks for the info bbfo. I’ve yet to get to my friend’s computer due to her scheduling, so I might give this a try on hers once we connect.

I saw this on – What Are its Uses and Why is it Important? - Tech-FAQ

"Convincing newbie’s to connect to is a frequent joke on the Internet.

 Another name for is localhost."

lol thanks for the heads up.

download.newaol.com is actually a valid hostname (don’t know about the localhost connection, though). Its IP range is from - If you direct your browser to that hostname, you’ll find a directory. The AVS entry was last modified at 16:05 on 9/11/07.

I do not know if this is a legit update for AVS or not, though.


& thank you for the info Little Mac.