AV can not be updated unless done from admin account

Hi all,

CIS 3.13.125662.579 defintion 3476. ( these are current values).

earlier it was 3.12.xxxxxxx.xxx and i reccived a updater popup, asking me to update to newer version, I thought, it will be few MB .Any way it was over 105MB, downloded to my %temp% folder.

Once this downloding was finished installation procedure begined which failed with error 112 : unable to copy file :bases.cav.

At this time i noticed I was running as limited user so I copied all the Comodo’s Data from %temp% folder and copied it Admin account and updates were success full.

Here I would like to make a suggestion whenever there is updator popup informing the user about new updates , Its text should be modifiedd to include string such please run with administrator privilege etc etc.

second suggestion if Bases…cav are virus definitions ( as per impression , gathered from several threads in forum). why they are downloaded in entirety again in full. this need not be so .As it is causing heavy downloads sometimes same file is downloded twice and program file\comodo\scanner\ folder grows to ~300MB or so.

Third suggestion as downlods are heavy the frequent release of Comodos new version should be delayed.