AV cache status and control.

I wonder if they could add AV caching status, like “caching” or “idle”, maybe currently cached files list and “force stop caching” buton. AV caching is supposed to work when PC is idle, but sometimes, it can go a bit haywire. “stop caching” button would be useful for those cases.

Have you reported this as a bug Maniak? A video showing cache running not being interrupted by user actions, maybe using Killswitch with Ram and CPU columns exposed would make the point for the devs. If not just a screenshot and an assurance you PC was doing something else big at the time - maybe say what. If you could dump (full dump) the process at the same time that would be excellent. (The process properties in killswitch will show the command line for the cavwp process, and allow you to be sure it’s cache building.

Best wishes


I had issues with the cache running non-stop for hours. Did v6 have caching?

It did, during idle, but there was a bug that made it continue when it was supposed to stop (computer exiting idle status) but that was later fixed in V6, however I have too been experiencing this with V7 and I’ve made a bug report for it, there is still some information I need to add to the bug report but the issue is that I can’t seem to be able to get the cache builder to run at all… :-\

I don’t have this problem, but I read, that other users have, so I made a suggestion.

There is actually a button to stop the cache builder, it’s shown in the CIS task manager (the task manager manages the CIS tasks like AV update and Cache Builder etc ;D)

Didn’t know that, thanks))