AV bug

When I turned on the PC ,virus defence didn’t reported any threats.Now,it’s showiing 1 thread.When i click on it,look what happens->

So,how to understand,is there any threat or not?!?

Wow!!!I just restarted my PC and look what happend->

Now what?

Is there anything in the AV logs that may help us further?

Nothing.I have scanned with avira and found nothing at all.For now,everything seems ok,but…

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Thanks.I’ve scanned with lots of software,but found nothing.Still think there is some bug.

bequick, did you look in quarantined items?

Ofcourse :slight_smile: Just reinstalled my windows 7x86 and the message
appeared again.


Seems like you have a Rogue CIS ;D
Nah, I can’t think of something… perhaps a hijackthis log might help ?


OK,here’s the log.Attached.If anyone can help…

[attachment deleted by admin]

What’s this ?

O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{71A0ADD6-D98E-4F0B-A1A1-2B284AE33438}: NameServer =,
O17 - HKLM\System\CS1\Services\Tcpip\..\{71A0ADD6-D98E-4F0B-A1A1-2B284AE33438}: NameServer =,


My dns(and gateway) and alternate dns.

Well, I don’t understand this. And I really don’t understand the picture… Perhaps you can send a support ticket ?


What is ‘‘support ticket’’? ;D

you can ask for professional support here https://support.comodo.com/
in the past have found them to be freindly and reasonably quick, conversation is by email

What build of Windows 7 do you use?
What is the source of the ISO file you used for installation?
Did you check the ‘Malware List’ option in this popup window? It could give some clue.

It dissapeard again.Like before.I think,this message appears,when,during scanning or a short time after scan,i force restart.I’m not sure.Gonna check right now and write again.And thanks for your advice ,i’m thinking about that :slight_smile:
No,just BSOD appeard ;D