AV AutoUpdate

XP SP3 32 Bits
CIS 6 Beta .2626 Defaults
No other realtime security

If on system start internet is not working I think CIS checks for updates & fails which is correct. But later when internet is available i.e after 5-10 mins CIS doesn’t checks for updates again, I waited for 2 hours & finally did manual updates which went fine. I tested this 3 times with the same results.

Anyone with the same prob? Dont know if its a bug or a prob here or design flaw. Can anyone check & see?

CIS checks for update

  1. when the system starts (If selected in “Realtime scan” settings)
  2. after a particular time (as defined in “update” settings) (usually 3 hrs)
  3. before starting a scan (if selected in “full scan/quick scan” settings)

So, I think the behaviour is correct (supposing the the update interval is 3 hrs in your CIS settings)

  1. There is no option for update in Realtime Scan settings.
  2. The default is 6 hours.
  3. Update before scan is kinda manual & not auto i.e you have to start a scan.

What I meant was after system start if AV update fails due to internet connection not available then CIS should know that it was not updated as there was no internet connection & CIS should update as & when internet is available, otherwise if the autoupdate fails at system restart then it will only update after 6 hours as per defaults.

I dont know how autoupdate works therefore in my first post I mentioned dont know if a bug or a prob here or design flaw.

I think it would be a good idea for it to update as soon as it is connected to the internet, or perhaps a few minutes after, regardless of whether this happens upon starting the computer or now.

Please add it to the wishlist.

Do you mean on every connect CIS should check for updates i.e anytime internet is disconnected & connected again CIS should check for updates? I think this would be good, wot say?