AV asks for a computer restart after deleting a detected file


I’m an old Comodo user. Now I switched to Comodo Internet Security. I scanned my files with Comodo, and Comodo found a virus (joke program “virus”) in a little game. Okay, I let Comodo delete it.

But then Comodo asked me to restart the computer. Why is this? Why Comodo needs restart after cleaning a file?
It was a simple standallone file. Not a system or resource file.

What is the AV engine that Comodo use?

Hello there,

Comodo uses it’s own developed antivirus. If it asks you to reboot, it means that the infected source will probably be activated or delete-protected. When you reboot CIS will be able to delete/fix it.


Thank You :slight_smile:

There have been some issues with this in the beta’s also, i guess they need to tweak this a little here and there.

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