AV Alert -> Show Full Infected File Path ... (*Needs Resizable Comodo Window)

Recently, I have been using the Comodo’s AV and noticed there could be some improvements :


- Main Screen, Exclusions, Alerts, any window ... I know some are, but a lot aren't, and often this does not allow   [b]#2. A)[/b]

#2. A More Detailled window when a Virus/Malware is found :

[b]A)[/b] Show FULL PATH of the file possibly infected

[b]B)[/b] Ability to CLICK on the FULL PATH to open the folder in windows explorer   (i.e. let's say you want to run in fully sandboxed or want to check the file in question)

#3. Realtime Statistics would be cool too


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If you look at the picture, the way it is right now, if you have 4 HDD, you don’t even know on which HDD the Infected files is located …

This really does not inform the user adequately.

+1 :-TU :-TU