autostart applications won't load / it takes very long

I have a fast SSD and processor, and programs used to load very quickly and completely after the boot process. Now, with a new installed CIS, it seems to take hours, until (for example) my file manager loads. Or it doesn’t load at all, so i have to double click the desktop to start it manually. Another small tool, which is supposed to be started form the autostart menu, sometimes fails to start, so that i have to start it manually.

Is there any decent procedure to clean up this mess, anyhow? I do not want CIS to make my i7 look like a 90’s computer. Thanks.

Did you just upgrade to v8.2? What version did you have before?

Hmm, i’m not sure, which version i had before. But yes, i have 8.2 now.

There definitely appear to be issues at the front users are experiencing with the current release.

I’ve become aware that v8.2 has implemented SSE2 intrinsics. I’m also aware that how various SSE2 intrinsics are implemented vary from platform to platform, e.g., betwixt Intel and AMD and even between different platforms of the same vendor. I’m not saying that SSE2 is the culprit, but once SSE intrinsics are required, the app is no longer hardware agnostic from a DotNET Framework perspective; it has been compiled FOR certain in hardware functionality.

I’d roll back to a previous version. Check to see how updates are configured, i.e., installed automatically? If so I’d hazard a guess you’d have been on v8.1 previously. I’d export your existing configuration and then uninstall the existing version and re-install previous version, and then import the exported configuration.

I’ll post the Filehorse link here once I find it.

Here it is:

I believe you’d be safe to install the last v7.x, or even 8.1 since you’re on v8.2 now

Old versions:

Dude. ;D

Thanks guys, i reverted to version 7. We are no guinea pigs. Version 8 is a handycap for the computer. I also turned that “Viruscope” off, because i don’t want to wait 2 minutes to have my programs started. :smiley:

Welcome to the v7.0 club, abr! :■■■■ I’ve been a good member in standing since April 2015!

I usually get the same issue myself on a clean CIS installation however for me it fixes itself within 1-3 days.