Autosandbox & Sandbox Disabled

Whats the difference between Autosandbox & Sandbox disabled??

I mean I installed CIS without CAV. I checked the apps with Internet Security Mode where Sandbox is enabled & Firewall Mode where Sandbox is disabled.

I received the same popups, same number of popups in Internet Security Mode where the app was autosandboxed & generated popup & Firewall Mode where the sandbox is disabled & the popup was there.

In Internet Security Mode the app which were not autosandboxed & no popup was there, same was in Firewall Mode no popup.

I tried this with internet connection off coz if the connection will be on there will be no popup for the app in both the mode if the app is whitelisted in cloud & all the apps I tried are whitelisted in cloud.

SO How autosandbox reduces the number of popups if there are same number of popups with sanbox enabled & disabled???


What kind of popup?
Sandbox reduces Defense+ popups, not Firewall ones.

I read that too, but I tried & the same number of popups for the apps with both internet security & firewall mode. I am talking about D+ popup & firewall mode means the second option when installing firewall.