Autoruns Analyzer

Autoruns Analyzer keeps closing automatically. Why!?

What OS are you running it on?

Windows 7 64-bit.

I had a similar issue when using autoruns on XP SP3 virtual machine. A specific internet explorer toolbar was causing the problem.
What browsers so you have installed?
Do you have any browser toolbars installed?
I was able to get autoruns to work only after I uninstalled the toolbar.

Just Crawler Toolbar but I don’t use it. I have WOT installed & many certificate security addon’s in Firefox. I also have video downloader addons installed in Firefox.

On my Windows 7 SP1 machine, I have no tool bars in internet explorer, and have the following extensions installed in Dragon: web of trust, disconnect, and use HTTPS. And Autoruns works fine.

Do you also have internet explorer installed (but not used)? and if so, is there a tool bar installed in it?

If you have not done so already, I would try the following.

  1. Download a fresh copy of autoruns and try to run it (? your current copy may be corrupted?)
  2. If you have any real-time scanning/security software running, shut them off temporarily and try to run autoruns.
  3. And if that does not work, consider uninstalling your tool bars and add ins (in which case you may loose your customizations in these utilities).

I have no idea if your issue may be a toolbar or add-in conflicting with autoruns. The only way to know is for you to uninstall the toolbars and add-ins and then see if autoruns works.

I may be helpful if you provide all the info requested in the bug report topic.

Did you open it through CCE?

Yes I tried that & it still closed automatically.

Did you try all of the following? If so, what was the result?

can you provide this?

Hi eddie.lucas18,
Would you please post a dump file in Data\Autoruns\Dumps?


I am having the same problem! I didn’t see it otherwise I wouldn’t start a new topic.