Automatically tick "Block this request" when D+ detects a suspicious action

When D+ detects some suspicious action and reports it to the user, “Block this request” should be automatically ticked. I attached two picture how it is currently done.

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Yep, it’s good idea.
I have given idea to Melih that it would be good when there is “terminate this process” checkbox in those types of alerts.

This may be a shameless plug, but I think, rather than having CIS assume what answer you’re going to choose, just make the alert more efficient and clearer on a whole. I’ve already done proposed this for the firewall alert, and the Defense+ alert is rather similar. Solves a whole bunch of problems at once, I think, including yours.

In the 2nd screenshot it doesn’t say Block this file, it should recommend to block this file coz comodo found it suspicious & it will be good & clear for average users coz they will not be able to make out if it is really malware or not. Experts can handle anything.