Automatically Terminate Buffer Overflows - Good idea?

Add an option, In Image Execution Control where Buffer Overflow enable/disable checkbox is, under it, could it be possible to add an option to automatically terminate buffer overflows attacks?

It does not have to be on by default. Obviously incompatible issues can arise. Anyway I’m sure it’s not too hard to code?

Wonder what rest of community thinks. :slight_smile: Anyway I thought of it… Because to me it’s like seeing a AV Alert. I enable to auto quarantine AV Detections so I don’t need to see the alerts for them, similar to buffer overflow alerts. It’s just another alert, personally, I don’t need to see a alert for and CIS can take care of it for me.


Hi Tooby ,

If that is an “option” that would be another one I would never use anyway as “auto-”
the same way as this one

… waiting for loosing your system one “lucky” day? :wink:

That option should be disabled in any existing AV