Automatically Skip Parent?

Is there any way to set the fireall to automatically skip the parent for an application when telling it to remember your response via the popup?

Sorry Trel, but I don’t really get what you mean. Why would you want to skip the parent application? Whenever there is an application that seeks permission to connect to the Internet, there must be a parent application directing it. If you just want to allow , say Firefox, to connect to the Internet regardless of what parent application is directing it, then all firewalls will fail the leak test.

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Because for instance, I use Seamonkey, and it re-prompts me each time another application launches it.

I open it normally - prompt
I click a link from GAIM - prompt
I click the get mail link in AMSN - prompt

All three are doing the same thing, opening the browser and directing it to a webpage.

Imagine if a bit of malware on your PC started Seamonkey and sent your info out over the internet, if we had the firewall set to ingnore the parent application, our information is gone. This is why tracing and approving/blocking the parent is important. It’s so YOU can tell when something isn’t quite right.

Besides, you should only be getting one pop-up per application/parent combination.

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The purpose of the Firewall prompting you each time there is a new parent application directing Seamonkey to connect to Internet is to prevent precious private information from leaking out without your permission. Like what Ewen said, if a Spyware were to hijack your browser and start to send out credit card password or other important information while your firewall is set to let your browser connect to the Internet without restrictions, then you would be in trouble.

Actually when an application connects to the Internet, it is not so much of what application it is. Rather, it is more important to know which application is directing it, original application that makes the call. All you have to do is answer the pop-up once for each parent application cum ‘child’ application combination and you won’t see the same pop-up again.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. I hope this clarifies the purpose of the prompts.

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