"Automatically shutdown the computer when complete analysis is finished"


Comodo Antivirus and Firewall are really great. But regarding the “action box” (which shows the progression of the analysis) while a complete analysis is running, one suggestion. Last time, this complete analysis of my laptop lasted… more than 5 hours (why sooooooo long by the way?..) without finding any risk As it was late evening I left my computer on to make sure that the analysis will be entirely made. But this is energy waste as my computer was running several hours after the analysis for nothing…

Therefore would it be possible to put on this “action box” a line to tick saying “automatically shutdown the computer when complete analysis is finished”? Several cleaning systems offer this possibility. So is certainly feasible to add it.

Thanks for taking care of this suggestion!

is this what u r saying?
provide an option to scanning window to shut down computer after scanning.


Add this option! +1

+1 :-TU

Excellent suggestion.

+1 this is very good option for me. I vote for this and i think that this not be very difficult for making.

No ;D A lots of these suggestions are quite easy to make. Comodo staff just have to read this!
Anyway +1 to this suggestion!

A great idea! :-TU
Additionally I’d like CIS to have a Kaspersky-like option to continue interrupted scan even after update.

Great idea :-TU