Automatically save files like this one

This is driving me nuts. I download quite a bit through (Firefox) Comodo IceDragon and every time the popup asks me where I want to save the file but the “Automatically save files like this one” check-box option is greyed out. I’ve found a thousand instructions via the web search about this problem but none of these instructions apply to IceDragon (this version).

I need this option checked. It is more than a little annoying that I have to go through this step every single time I click to download something. Does anyone know how to enable this option??

Thank you!!! :o

PS. If this post is in the wrong place, forgive me and move it.

Did you try going to the options and changing the default save location to a specific folder?


Is it possible for you to post some links to the websites that you use? Also, please add some screenshots.

Thank you.