Automatically install program updates?


Is there any way to automatically install program updates? there’s an option for automatically download them, but not for installation.

I suppose every AV software can self update, but comodo seems not. Is there any way to do this?

(I have a few family members that I see infrequently and it would be nice that their AV could keep up to date without any intervention)

yep that is default on. To download only. User must still click “update” or whatever when a program update is available. It is not automatically and silent

I have the same question. Any ideas?

Maybe this should be posted as a feature request. Almost all security solutions have self update. I cannot rely on some users to install the updates themselves

IMFO such option like “Automatically download program updates” is useless.
Option like “Automatically install program updates” sounds more preferable.

Personally, I don’t like automatic, silent updates. I have a great desire to know what is being installed, and when on my system. Preferably at a time of my own choosing.

Indeed. But thats for me. All the rest of my friends/family/etc couldn’t care less.
Specially with updates that solved conflits with chrome for example. They needed my intervention when it could be fully automatic.

I’m not asking for force it to the users. It couldn’t be a simple option to install automatically program updates or not :wink:

You could make a wish for this in Wishlist - CIS board.