Automatically close finished scan window

I think that CIS 6 should have the option of automatically ‘closing scan windows when finished’ of scheduled scans that was possible in CIS 5. Each time I return to my pc after a scheduled scan the box is still on the desktop even when nothing is found. The only current option is ‘shutdown computer when scan finished.’ Added this new option would be helpful to reduce unnecessary open windows on desktop. Keep up the great work Melih and Comodo team!

Thanks for the wish, voted. :-TU
Don’t forget to vote fragglerockboy. :wink:


Good idea.

You’re welcome, Captainsticks! Thanks the vote! and reminding me to do just that, ha. :wink:

Glad you liked it, Glifford! :slight_smile: Thank you!

high five to you both! :-TU

since its an option ill vote yes

since i usually left it un attended and want to know if any where found or not and sometime the time
since i dont see any logs for complete scan that didnt find any

Thanks for the vote, kitmub! :slight_smile: I agree with you that if something is found it would be good to see results, but if scan is clean it should disappear.

+1 :-TU

Thanks for the vote, andrei1997! :slight_smile:

+1 from me.

Thanks for the vote, SivaSuresh! :slight_smile:

Voted YES :-TU