Automatically clean detected threats

Currently CIS 5.8 and the new 5.9 both give us a check box to select to automatically clean detected threats found during scans, only for Scheduled scans.

I would like to see this option extended to all scans with a simple extra check box to automatically make a backup copy (or) quarantine the infected file.

That does not do any harm, does it ? Even if some of you think so, it is still optional and not default either, so you need not worry about it at all. But for us, we definitely need it.

I really do not understand why this is not already added for regular scans when they added this for Scheduled scans.

Just to make it more clear, to scan my whole external drive of 2 TB with huge amount of files, presently I have to wait until the completion of the scan (which is generally about 3 to 5 hrs approx.) just to click “Clean” in the end.
Or, I have to create a custom scheduled scan with “automatically clean detected threats” checked in CAV settings–Scheduled Scans. Does it not sound ridiculous ? Does this make any sense ?