Automatic vs Manual Mode ->Advanced Behavior Analysis

I was having some wireless issues (dhcp lease renewal problems) and decided to uninstall CFP 2.4 which I believe I had previously installed manually and reinstalled it with the automatic option. The manual states: “Manual configuration runs the Add Trusted Zone wizard, the Scan For Known Applications wizard and
some basic options outlined in Advanced Configuration”

I ran the scan for know apps, and I now looked at the Advanced Behavior Analysis and all the other settings and cannot see any difference between the automatic and manual options.

What am I missing???

The Automatic install does not run the Application or Network wizards; they need to be run after the fact. Technically, after that there shouldn’t be a significant difference; the Advanced/Manual install just requires interaction with the user to set these things up.

That said, for some reason in a large number of cases, I have seen problems result after a user choses to go the Manual route. I attribute it to some error during this manual configuration process, but cannot quantify that. I have done it both ways and not experienced any issues; however, I did not do so until I was very familiar with the firewall configuration and operation.