Automatic updating from 3.991 to 3.994 via tray icon?.

??? I received an update icon in my tray today and clicked on it and it automatically updated from 3.991 to 3.994?. Is this normal, as i thought it was always best to do an uninstall and reinstall after registry cleaning?. Does this mean that the coming beta this week is likely to update it once again automatically as this is the first time i have seen this happen?.
If this is ok its better as it saves me the time of having to set it all up again everytime a beta comes out and i want to continue testing. Oh by the way 3.9 has been totally trouble free for me.

It’s perfectly normal and meant to update. It’s only when major changes have been made then it’s wise to do a fresh install. I’ll probably do a fresh install with the 3.9 release in a week or two…