automatic updates


Program version = 3.5.57173.439 (tried to download latest version but download failed)
Database version = 994
OS = XP Pro-64 SP2
Processor = Intel Core2Duo

I’ve searched but my problem seems to be the opposite of other people’s.

I WANT CIS to automatically find, download and install updates but I can find no way to make it do more than search for updates. I need to click on four different buttons before downloads start.
How do I change this?

I’ve used ZoneAlarm for years but picked CIS when I changed to 64-bit.


You need to switch automatic updates on, although should already be selected by default. This option is under ‘Settings’ on the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab (see screenshot). You can also manually check for updates by clicking ‘Check For Updates’ under the same tab.


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You do need to install a more recent version of CIS.

3.5 can no longer update to the latest av database, so you can either opt for 3.8 or wait a few days for the release of 3.9.

Then uninstall 3.5 and install 3.8.

Being this close to the release date, I would recommend you wait two more days to get the latest CIS 3.9.

So CIS didn’t automatically change a version by updating ?
I wish it could be fixed in next version soon.

No but a pop up comes up saying there is a new version would you like to install? Even with Zone Alarm when a new version comes out you have to download it from the web site. As far as I know.

Yes I think the change from 3.5 to 3.8 worked best with a fresh install, but it seems that 3.8 to 3.9 is planned to be automated.

Thanks guys.
Automatic search for database updates is on but that’s all it does - search. It does not download .
Manual update gives a message that updater is already running and please wait.
As I said, I tried to download the current version of the software but it failed to complete. I have no problem downloading other things.

Still, another 2 days won’t hurt so I’ll wait for 3.9. Thanks again.

3.5 uses a different DB than the newer 3.8/3.9 versions and is no longer supported. That’s why it doesn’t update. It checks fine, but the DB is now obsolete. If you want v3.9 now, you can install the RC2 version and update to the final version on Tuesday. Otherwise, you should wait until the final release (Tuesday).

Here’s the link for the RC versions if you want to get a jump on the final release:;msg278565#msg278565

Installing 3.9.75615.498 RC2 will internally update to the current 3.9.76291.502 RC2. You will have to run the program update within CIS.