Automatic updates won't stop.

I have unchecked everything that I can find inside CIS to make it not update the program but I can’t find anything to stop it from updating the antivirus database. It keeps trying to update itself while I’m gaming, reducing my performance and causing me to warp and lag. I want it to stop.

I don’t want to shut down my antivirus AND my software firewall while I’m gaming. I’d be happy with either stopping the antivirus updates or shutting down the antivirus part of the program. If I shut down cfp.exe will that kill my firewall too? I just want to game in peace with an operational software firewall and without Comodo ruining everything in the background.

(Good lord, is it too much to ask to have a button that just says, “disable automatic antivirus database updates?”)

Under Antivirus - Scanner Settings there are three tabs for each possible type of AV scanning (Real Time, Manual & Scheduled). Under each of these tabs there is an option Automatically update virus database before scanning. This is probably what you’re looking for, specifically the Real Time AV update option.

Thanks, but I tried ticking that box off and it still updates while I’m gaming.

Which version of CIS do you have?


Under the AV section click View Antivirus Events & then the More… button. This will open CIS’s Log Viewer. In the Log Viewer select the Task Events tab (if no events are listed expand the time range by selecting Current Week). Expand the Log Viewer window to show more information, take a screen shot & post (upload) it here. This should show us what’s going on with the AV updates.

OK, here is what Comodo has been doing while I was gaming.

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Are the date & times (including the gaps) of the AV updates consistent with your gaming sessions?

Can you also post a similar screen shot of Log Viewer’s Configuration Changes tab covering the same period, thanks.

Is this what you’re asking for?

I tried stopping it from updating. As you can see by the first image it didn’t cease its actions. I started gaming last night a bit after 7PM. It didn’t seem to affect its constant updating one way or the other. If only its updating didn’t affect my gaming, too… hah…

Yes, thanks.

Are you sure those were not manual AV updates? Since you changed the AV update options (in the log) the AV updates do seem to have diminished somewhat (compare to my own automatic updates) and your AV database is out-of-date. Can you try your game now to see if it provokes an AV update? Also what is the game(s) in question? Thanks.

I am sure those are not manual updates. I am not in the habit of updating my antivirus database every half hour. I have seen absolutely no difference in the frequency with which Comodo is updating itself since telling it to not check for program updates.

I’m playing several different games. Last night I was playing Gunbound and Nascar 2003, both online. I had intermittent problems with both games which seemed to coincide with Comodo incessantly updating itself. When it updates and I play Gunbound, I lag out and sometimes the game freezes. When I play Nascar 2003 and Comodo updates, I start to warp (the car is seen by others to not drive a straight line) and blink out.

I’m starting to think that there is no solution. I’m starting to think that nothing can be done to stop Comodo from constantly doing things behind my back while I’m gaming. I like the firewall and how easy it is to set up and control… but this antivirus part is causing me to consider uninstalling the entire package. I just want it to update the antivirus database on my schedule, not its.

How long & how frequent are these lags/freezes in Gunbound/Nascar 2003? You can easily disable CIS’s AV component to confirm if the AV is causing this.

The AV updates are still occurring?!? Are the AV update settings still set to off? Also, did you turn all the AV updates back on at one point… or did they turn themselves back on? Running any other security software, virtual environments, etc?

Since nobody else has reported this (it’s usually the opposite) it must be fairly rare, rather than straight forward. I’m not currently sure what is happening. But, if you don’t want to continue looking at this then please do let me know. Thanks.

Oh, derp… Isn’t it always the simplest things that escape us?.. Hah… I don’t know why I didn’t think about just turning off the antivirus entirely while I game. As long as I have the firewall I should be OK. I don’t foresee anyone hijacking my game and installing viruses or malware when I’m not browsing the net. Let me see how that goes. (Thank you for the assistance.)

No problem. CIS’s Defense+ will still be protecting your system as well anyway.