Automatic updates turned off but continuously updates

After I first installed CIS and the latest bases.cav and updates, after a brief online session, I noticed an additional 200 MB Dl usage - surely not from brief web searching. I discovered that CIS was continuously querying and DLing updates so I turned auto updates off and conducted manual updates successfully without further issues.

I now notice that CIS turns on automatic updates without my knowledge/input periodically subjecting me to the initial repetitive, wasted-bandwidth usage. My question is, apart from checking CIS every time I launch it, is there a way to stop this? I am wondering: do the updates get automatically turned back on after an update?


Which updates are you talking about? Program updates, or virus database updates.

To turn off program updates, you go to More → Preferences and uncheck Automatically check for program updates.

To turn off virus database updates, you need to go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning and uncheck Automatically update virus database.

As for turning updates back on after an update, if you’ve updated through the built-in updater, it should save your current settings, so this shouldn’t be re-enabled. If you’ve updated by downloading the new version and making a clean install, then this option will be enabled by default.


I first discovered (and now only discover) the fact of the DL either by noticing that CIS updated itself or (usually) that while connected to the Internet, I DLed a huge amount of traffic (I can also click on a usage link in my online access manager but that’s something I’m not in the habit of doing as I surf). Today, e.g., I logged onto the Net to check emails and view a couple of news web sites. While online, I did not DL any streaming audio/video, no email attachments - just routine lite stuff. When I logged off, my usage was reported at 283 MB!!! I checked CIS and it showed that I was current to 1/18/2012 15:08:03 PM. When I started, my last updated was noted on 1/16/2012 and I had not accomplished a manual update. My bases .cav file is also dated 1/18/2012 with 112855 KB. Does that mean my bases.cav file was updated entirely anew or do incremental updates reset the date as well? I’ve noticed that incremental updates only range in the few MB range - not hundreds.

Given my bandwidth total, it would appear that not only was the bases.cav updated, it was updated in its entirety twice - all automatically even though I have unchecked every autoupdate option I can find.

I have unchecked ALL instances of automatic updates even though that reduces my functionality. However, with all of the autoupdates unchecked I cannot perform a system scan: CIS gives me an error message telling me it could not update the data base even though I have CIS set to NOT update before scanning in the scanner settings manual update tab. So if I opt to scan with out an update CIS refuses!?

By the way, I have been online now for 30 minutes, read emails, looked at the same news sites I read earlier, read two Comodo forum messages and have used 5.5 MB bandwidth - not the 283 MB I used this afternoon. I would also note that ALL of my programs, including Windows Update, are set to manual update.


What version of CIS are you using?

When you manually check for updates does it say that there are no updates available? In that case the big initial database and the incremental updates are downloaded. The incremental downloads are indeed in the range of a few MB’s.

The download of the big initial database does not support resuming. When on a slow connection you may end up downloading part of the initial database while on line. Next time you are online CIS will start downloading from the beginning again. May be that is what happened.


Using version 5.9.219863.2196: 19 December, 2011

I manually update once a day, occasionally every two days. So far, at least, CIS always seems to DL updates (doesn’t take very long - a few megs perhaps); I’ve never had a situation where CIS did not DL something so I’ve never received a message stating that no updates were available - at least as far as I can remember. When I first installed CIS, I accomplished the initial update to the point where CIS indicated the update was complete/current and changed the initial 04/2011 date to the current (at the time) date.

Because I am in a very rural mountain area, I do not have DSL or cable but I do have 3G broadband (USB modem) and usually have DL speeds of 1-2 MB/s so DLs proceed quick enough; I update CIS as soon as I log on and wait until its finished before I start surfing; I’ve not had to interrupt a DL by logging off.

What I don’t understand is why would CIS initiate any DLs if I have all set to manually update?


Can you check the traffic what you are seeing? I want to know what port number is being used. May be we are looking at traffic to the cloud servers rather then the AV servers.

no way it could be the cloud servers, those use hash look up( i think), small pieces of code. Unless you have tons of unknown files and it is automatically uploading them I don’t see how it could happen. My thing would be to install wireshark, set up a capture and see where your network activity is. Here are instructions on how to do it. CaptureSetup

download wireshark here Wireshark · Download

My mountain recently acquired 3G broadband and I switched over from dialup - with which I was in the habit of constantly monitoring connections via CIS summary tab (terminating those I did not need to gain bandwidth); for the most such were Firefox an occasinal scvhost, my DL manager (Orbit) if was DLing files, or other recognized connections related to my activities. I always had CIS (version prior to current release) set to manual updates because of bandwidth limitations - again, updating every day or two prior to surfing.

Since acquiring my 3G broadband and installing the latest version of CIS, I have not noticed any change in the pattern of connections so I have to assume that my surfing habits/activities have not changed and that CIS is, otherwise, functioning as always.

I will head on over to and install Wireshark (Win7 x64, v. 1.6.5) and get back with details.

Thanks all,