Automatic Updates getting annoying

I’m very satisfied how free Comodo Internet Security works but only what I don’t like is that Automatic updates for viruses protection! I wish to that make daily or can choose an option how we like to have updates. Instantly, daily or periodic idk… If is somewhere option to fix that in this last version of Comodo please let me know!

I don’t have any problems so far except that annoying updates which slowing down my internet connection almost every few minutes!

There is a bit of a kludgey workaround that you can use to schedule updates.

Turn off automatically check for updates before scan in the real time scanner settings. This is the one that checks every 30 minutes. Leave automatic updates on in the manual and scheduled scan settings.

Then set up a scheduled scan for whenever you want the updates to happen. If you don’t want to scan your entire computer and just want the definitions updated, create a new scan profile that just scans a .txt file or something small that will only take a couple seconds to scan. Have the scheduled scan run this scan profile.

Thank You! This is great free protection for my computer! I’m very satisfied! :ilovecomodo: