automatic updater

How does the automatic updater work? Does it check for the availability of an internet connection?
My brother is still on 56k, so the connection is not always available. He is not very disciplined when it comes to updating (security) software and needs something that will do this completely automatically (and that does not try to connect when there is no connection!).


Certainly u need connection to update. And since its automatic updater, it’ll automatically check for and download update wenever connection is available. U can adjust how often comodo update, daily or every 5 mins.

Did I answer ur qn?

What I meant was, some AVs automatic update only works at specific (pre-selected) times. That’s no good, because it is not known in advance when a connection will be available.
We need something that will detect when a connection is available and then do the update.
Whether it is 12:00 or 24:00, the update should be done whenever possible, no questions asked. And there also should not be a nagging message “I want to update, but there is no connection at the moment”.

It seems that is what you described for CAVS.

[qoute]It seems that is what you described for CAVS.[/qoute]
ya coz i thought ur bro use CAVS.

I’m not sure abt this:
lets say u set ur AV to auto-update at 4pm.
at 4pm no connection but at 5pm have, Av will auto-update immediately wen it discover connection.
Is it possible?

I feel no, if yes then u wont post here, rite?

I’m not sure abt all AV products auto-update characteristics, but since CAVS satisfies wat u concern, can ur bro giv it a try?

As I remember it (don’t sit by a computer with CAVS right now), CAVS checks every 15 minutes for updates. So if one is connected once in a while, the chance of getting an update should be quite good. Compare to BOClean, minimum is a 6 hour period.


I don’t know how it works, that’s why I was asking.

I am not sure how the updater would react on your brothers pc, I know it would be annoying if it kept trying to connect and popping up errors. I have asked one of the Comodo developers to answer the question so hopefully we will get an answer soon (might be a day or two as they are pretty busy with new development and updates).



Every 15 minutes, CAVS checks firstly for an internet connection and if found, then checks for updates. If it doesn’t find an internet connection, it suts back and waits for another 15 minutes before checking again. I’m yet to see an error message when running CAVS on a 56K connection.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That sounds good. Thank you for the information.
We’ll give it a try.

Is Comodo can checks Internet presence if no direct connection or NAT, but just http proxy used?

If PC uses NAT - automatic updates works, but if http proxy used - Comodo never updates automatically, only manual update works.