Automatic Updater Error 0XTLU260

Browsing the Web as usual using Firefox, CAV has suddenly poped up a new message: “ini filre get corrupted. ERROR NUMBER 0XTLU260.”

CAV auto-updater is capable of updating the signatures as well as the program itself regardless of the current user privileges. What was the cause of such an error message?

Note: A snapshot for the error message dialog is attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]


You should email this, along with any pertinent details to Comodo’s official tech support at

support [at]

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast reply. However, I am wondering when should I post about such problems, related to Comodo’s software, to the forum? Will contacting the technical support team directly be better? I have received a similar reply on a previous question regarding the activation of Comodo BackUp.

Usually, if its a configuration or usability issue,you can post here or search here first, but if it involves the internal workings of the applications or a specific error code, search/post here AND send an email to Comodo Support - best of both worlds.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Definitely post here as well. It gives others the benefit of your experiences. Sometimes when things go wrong, it’s nice to know it isn’t personal.

This error you may have got when the ini file is not properly downloaded from server. The reason for not downloading the correct ini file from server could be interrupt in internet connection while downloading the file or server stoped responding in between.
You may not find this error next time when internet connnection is fine and server is also responding properly.