Automatic Update


Is there a way to deactivate the automated update option? I did not find anything about this in the help file.



Without telling you, CSC made an entry in your Task Scheduler. Open your Task Scheduler and delete the job. Also uncheck Misc>Check for updates when application starts

That falls under spyware definition!. It is going something without first asking for permission

Next you going to tell me that the Virus Update should not update and be set to manual (CIS/CAV). Plenty of programs update this way, and righty so. These are Legitimate programs after all, imagine how stressful it would be if we had to update/check all our trustworthy programs we installed.

Shall I stop laughing now…? :a0

After clicking on CSC’s Diagnostic, I got a message saying that a critical file is missing. So, I’ll deinstall, download a new copy and reinstall again.



Don’t bother, it’s a bug that they’re working on! There’s nothing wrong with the installation. Just ignore the report. The devs are supposed to have it fixed in the next version. 88)

Oh… good to know.

Thanks again!


Stop laughing. Most of my programs are now the portable version. So yes, I update them MANUALY when I use them. This includes my Anti-virus!

Thank you for this bit of info…it was driving me batty! I would see 4 or 5 instances of Update Applications in Task Manager.

That falls under spyware definition!. It is going something without first asking for permission
but when the virus udpate start, the anti-virus program work, not CSC, im surfing on the web, and the comodo updater appears, but CSC launch.

no options to disablle it.
and no agree at the installation.

please making an option, in misc menu to turn on/off the automatic update

Hunh… Well gotta just say: good luck for the ones trying to diminish the spread of FUD here :-*.

In this case, if it is so important, you can either upgrade to CSC 2.2.blah.blah or open up the Task Manager (with “taskschd.msc” command on the Run box (which you can open up with ‘Win + R’) or whatever, just get it open) and look for it in the “Task Scheduler Library” (the ‘root’ one, which is at least in Win 7 named like this) and then just Disable or Delete those entries.

And just one more time: good friggin’ luck for the smarter people here (no, I’m not being rude).

in this case, make an option in the misc menu, automatic update off/on.

yes is so important because is not a action of legitimate program.

ps: its the 2.2 version ^^

One option I figured out is to use the portable version (32-bit, 64-bit).

You can’t even check for updates with it as it doesn’t use the registry (unless you sign it to).

That’s what I use but I switched to it only because the CSC “standard version” used crazy amount of registry keys and probably added like 2mb’s to my reg db :D. This also made it difficult to search for CIS reg keys when trying to clean up messed install as I just use the phrase “Comodo”.