Automatic Update ?? Not.....

Why does it say Automatic Update ?
There is no auto with it…
First a window comes up that it needs to update that the user has to choose Yes/No
Then the user has to choose to reboot
That is not Automatic to me …

Anywhere to configure this to be really automatic ?

Program update aren’t automatic.
Only virus database is automatic.

Hi pcpro,

If I got it correctly you mean the update of the whole package (new version)

I think that it is “Automatic” in terms of notifying you about availability of the update if the respective check box is ticked in settings.

That is common practice. The same terminology is used by many.

You probably want everything to be done silently

I don’t think that it’s good idea.

For example, many would prefer to disable some security during online installation.

Some may consider to make fresh install (sometimes it is necessary and even recommended by developers).
In this case you are encouraged to download fresh Setup.

When I do clean reinstall, I am performing uninstall and new installation off-line, being disconnected and all other security being shutdown.
I know that many forum members here are using the same technique as well.

I don’t want silent installation of the Firewall during browsing / torrent download / heavy graphics rendering / my programs compilations… etc.

And then, finally, Rebooting is just “must do” procedure in most circumstances.

So, auto-checking the availability of the update by Comodo and the notification is sufficient enough and what’s needed. That’s how I see it

My regards