Automatic update from CIS 5.10/5.12 to CIS 6.0

Hi there,
any news about the release of the new version of CIS 6 with the automatic update from CIS 5.10/5.12 to CIS 6.0 ?

End of February/Beggining of March

Thanks Siketa, that’s a good news ;D
Any info about bugs fixed/features added with this new realease?

I am too waiting to install CIS 6 on my cousin system.

But I will install fresh & not upgrade. Now too I can install CIS 6 on his system but I think the autoupgrade or that version will be more polished with fixes & improvements & fresh install would be better as CIS 6 has lots of changes in security architecture & other aspects so waiting for that version.

Any news?

Not yet.

Well, to know that there are not news is already a news itself :wink:

No news yet ?

I may have never inderstood Comodo policy of products continuity…

As configuration of CIS is not trivial, together with development of a new version
should be developed a way of transit configuration of new version and making update.

CIS 6 is out for quite a long time.
Uninstalling/reinstalling/exporting/importin/manual fiddling
are much less than optimal ways how to do that.

We are expecting the update from 5.12 to 6.1 with the program updater in a couple of weeks.

The good thing is, the CIS 6.x is still available. :wink:

Where is it, guys? ???

I gave up and installed 6.x over the 5.x manually.

and it worked?
I mean did you loose your settings, rules etc. from version 5.x? Or they were overtaken in the new 6.x version?

Use the upgrade installer. It should save your settings and rules.

It is already about 2 months or so, I cannot remember if I used normal or upgrade installer.
I guess I would use upgrade one, if 2 occurred at download pages.

It created 3 fresh profiles aside of 3 original profiles.

But I have used fresh ones, starting with no creation of rules for known applications,
so I do not have so many FW/HIPS rules as I had before, what I liked.

Did you try activating on of the profiles from your 5.12 installation?

No, even if I have kept them.
I decided to start with fresh ones.

I was curious to whether a previous configuration would work in your situation.

I had tried the upgrade & yes previous config worked here but I dont remember if the upgrade set the settings to default or rightly to my previous one. I think I had posted about this but now couldn’t find the post.

Why autoupgrade is still not there?

Use the upgrade installer. It should save your settings and rules
what is upgrade installer? ???