Automatic update fails!

Automatic update does not work! What is going on? Hugs

I had same problem and I fixed it in this way:

CIS stores it virus downloads in Program data so if you happen to have a corrupt one because of the download problems it keeps using it.

Please note you may have to change you settings to see hidden files in Folder settings/view

Please go to ProgramData/Comodo/Cis/wpTemp in this folder you should find all the downloaded base files and deleted them all.

After this try to update again no problems now up to date with the current database.


It has nothing in the specified folder! It should not be the problem! Thank you !

Do you get an error message? I assume you are talking about the AV update. Is that correct?

You receive an error message? I assume you’re talking about AV update. It is correct?

Correct, EricJH!

error message ; 0x80072EE2 (Unknown error 0x80072EE2)

Thank you

I have difficulty with the language (using the translator)

I experienced this and just simply download bases.cav from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022.

Manually installed under the help about tab and it did the trick. Next time clean download and install through the program.

May or may not help Just a friendly suggestion.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m doing this, updated, but does not address. I think there is no way the same. It has another post that addresses this issue unresolved!
The problem is old! I am old CIS User, I have to format or change AV. Hugs

Are you using CIS v 5.12?

Dear EricJH,

Use the version. Thank you

Please try deleting the content of the the c:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\wpTemp folder. In case you haven’t already unhidden the ProgramData folder follow this tutorial on how to unhide hidden folders.

Dear EricJH,

The folder is empty!


Dear EricJH,

Decreases protection only doing manual update? I can use this feature to wait new version of CIS? Tank you.


When you are online you will get the verdict of the Comodo cloud servers. They will provide the latest av definitions before they get sent to the computers. You will be safe. CIS has layered security; the sandbox will keep malware at bay when it is not yet known.

Dear EricJH,

Thank you for confirmation, I will do manual updates! When a new version comes, then I’ll do a clean install! I’m CIS user for more than seven years! Grateful for the attention! Regards!

:-TU :slight_smile:

Dear friends

Uninstalled / reinstalled the CIS! I tried a clean configuration, without success! Internet Explore 11 reset to its original settings without success! Probably the problem is the communication with the server!