Automatic Update fails.

Hello All:

I’ve been running v1.2 freeware for awhile now with no probs until now. The automatic upadate function trys to run for several minutes and then comes back with “Error 113: Could not complete update process”. I tried disableing all items in the system tray including avg virus scanner and get the same message. I don’t no how important this update is but the most annoying thing is that comodo continues to periodically come back and ask if I would like to run the automatic update process so that it can go back out there and fail again. :THNK

pleaze hep me.

Comodo is working on the servers, and are adding some, so it will work smoother.
You should wait until tomorrow and hope that it’s fixed. In the meantime you can turn off auto update in your program.


You’re still runing versin 1.2?

I don’t think the update process will actually work on a Version 1.2 installation. I’m pretty sure it’s designed for updating from V2.X to V2.4.

I’d strongly recommend that you download a full copy of version 2.4 and then uninstall your version 1.2 and do a clean install of 2.4

Ewen :slight_smile:

I will wait until tomorow.

Thank you.

whups …

v1.2 is the separate version number for the database. The actual firewall version is I will update it to 2.4 tomorrow if possible.


No worries Dave. If you huint around the forums, you’ll see a heap of posts about the update being dog slow. Thisis solely due to the massive amount of users requesting the update. Comodo are adding servers as fast as they can to meet the unexpected leap in demand.

If it takes too long, a quicker method is to

  1. use the backup script to preserve your current settings
  2. download the full version
  3. uninstall your current version
  4. reboot
  5. install new version
  6. reboot
  7. restore settings
  8. reboot

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: