Automatic submission and analysis....

What I would like [does not mean it has to be :smiley: ] is that when I see Defense+ message about whether to allow or not allow a certain program that I don’t know by it’s name, is to actually submit via defense message popup to amlware analysis and after a few minutes a report to be shown is it safe or harmful.
I am already experienced with this program, but I think it would help a lot to novice users and, I think CIS would be unique with this type of both protection and adviser info…
What do you guys think?

I think it’s a good idea and would be a nice addition to threatcast alerts, but I think the few minutes turnaround time is a bit optimistic. :wink:

Remember that someone on the other end would have to be doing the verification and as the CIS user base grows, short turnarounds will be impossible. Look at the current delay between submissions and false positive fixes.

Maybe with the new 30 minute AV update system more man/machine power will come online and such a thing may be a bit quicker, but I don’t think you’ll ever see very quick results.

Well, if it’s not implementable, then a link to google search would do the trick… :stuck_out_tongue:
An updatable base of good known programs would be a nice idea… As for the Threatcast, I did not see it once in action from my experience…

I thought that is what Threatcast was for ???

Threatcast just shows what other users have chosen to do with that alert. It doesn’t ask the experts at Comodo what they think about the alert.