Automatic silent mode


I have a suggestion for improving CIS so that even unexperienced people can use it. Unfortunately most people have no idea what should they answer. And so they make more damage then they would without Comodo. Would it be possible to make a “don’t ask” automatic mode? It should be possible IMO.

I think it should work this way:

  1. The Firewall would automatically allow connections for known programs like Firefox, Opera, ICQ, Skype etc.
  2. If it can’t find the application in databese, it should block it or optionally ask the user what to do (“ask sometimes” mode)
  3. The same for Defense+ - automatically allow installations. If I run for example Firefox installer, automatically switch to installation mode and after finishing the install, switch silently back.

The CIS simply asks to many questions, so most users don’t want to use it because they have no idea what’s going on and they end in allowing everything anyway.

What are your opinions and experiences with novice users?

Hello vlada, are you using 3.8? It has a larger whitelist database. It will continue to grow…

No, I’m using 3.5. I didn’t know there is 3.8. I thought that CIS updates itself automatically.

You can DL it from here:
The online auto update should be available very soon.