Automatic Sandbox Directory

In the new CIS v4.0, when a program is “Automatically Sandboxed”, which directory are the virtualized files kept? I notice that the C:\Sandbox directory is only used for manually sandboxed programs.


Is it possible to change the restriction level of an “Automatically Sandboxed” program?

The automatically sandboxed programs doesn’t virtualize a file system in CIS v4.0.
And the restriction level can not be changed for “Automatically Sandboxed” program.

@ the OP: yes I noticed that too and I was wondering…
@ sderevyanko : so how is that temporary virtualized, where does it go - on the disk - ?


Probably it would be possible to manually configure sandbox restrictions rules for specific executables and thus override automated sandbox on a per app basis.

AFAIK C:\Sandbox apply to all sandboxed apps.

IIRC “Automatically Sandboxed” applications won’t be able to replace existing files.