Automatic Rules

Is there any way for me NOT to use automatic application rules? Despite the good intentions of Comodo I like to control my own rule making. I inadvertently clicked on “scan for known applicatons,” and now realize that by clicking on it I put myself into “automatic rule” mode. Is there any way to turn off automatic rules once it has been turned on? Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome to the forum! If you look above each title, app monitor , component learn, network monitor…etc…there should be radio buttons to turn these off. As well, I have never went into auto mode by scanning these, it simply gave me the components to create rules for so I am not sure why this happened. I have my manual settings, just ran this again and it didn’t affect them at all. Hope this helps.


You can go to security/advanced/miscellaneous/configure and uncheck the “do not show any alerts for applications certified by COMODO”, and while you are there, you can set the “alert frequency level” to a higher setting if you want more control.
Good luck.

AOwL , thank you very much for your response. It seems to be exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: