Automatic Rules

Hi, I’ve just installed Comodo, so far I used Outpost Pro. I like the low usage of RAM and also the GUI, but there something I don’t understand. When I give the permission to a program, every activity for it is allowed? Isn’t this a little unsafe? I particuarly liked the fact that outpost had already a set of rules for the most used programs, in order to open just the needed ports.
I’ve set alert frequency to very low btw

Hi… No, not every activity is allowed for the program. If you have it at the lowest setting for pop-ups you’ll have only 1 message per program with regards to connecting to the internet. This is for granting Inbound and Outboud internet access but it doesn’t allow everything. Comodo inspects both incoming and outgoing traffic using SPI and the newly added Behaviour Analysis will display a popup if for example the parent application changes, it tries to communicate via OLE/COM with another program and many other things. If you goto Security>>>Advanced and click on Behaviour it’ll show a list of what it currently protects you. Personally, I leave the popup level on defaul “Low” so I can decide whether or not to allow a program Inbound Access or Outbound Access separately. You’ll find that CPF is one of the best if not the best and most secure firewall on the market today. It’s constantly being updated and new features added. Comodo also has their own Free Antivirus that also acts as an anti-spyware program. It’s currently in Beta till the end of this month at which point version 2 will be out. Version 2 will include things like Host Intrustion Protection etc… It’s already shaping up to be another Great Comodo Product!


thanks I switched back to low level of alerts. From what I has understood CPF has a list of Certified Application which is similar to Outpost default rules, right? So, if I send a file to analyze to Comodo, I help to expand this list?


There are two ways to submit a file. 1) When you get a pop-up, there is an option to submit the file, but you don’t get an opportunity to add any descriptive text to the submission. 2) The other way is through SECURITY - TASKS - SEND FILES TO COMODO FOR ANALYSIS. Using this method, you can submit more than one file at a time and you can “tag” descriptive text to the each entry.

I prefer to use the second method, as you can add whatever you know about the app (whether it’s good or bad), which may help the Comodo staff in analyzing the file.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: