Automatic rules vs Manual [RESOLVED]

Hi, got a question about creating rules.
Comodo created rules about Azureus automatic.
When I create the same rules, it is put to one rule.

What is the difference between:

  • 4 automatic created rules: TCP In + TCP Out + UDP In + UDP Out
  • and manual created rule: Azureus TCP/UDP In/Out

Can I use manual rule or shall I keep using this automatic created rule?
Manual rule takes less space, since its one, but it is as safe as automatic?

Your manual rule does the same thing. And more compact than the automatic rule. So no problems.

Just confirming, your question is about Network Rules, Application Rules, or both?

Aplication rules. I know, that TCP/UDP In/Out in Network rules would be like no firewall. :wink:

Thanks, I feel much more safer now. :slight_smile: