Automatic Purge (edited, please vote again if opinion is changed)

I think that there should be an option to automatically purge CIS rules when switching back from installation mode. When a program is being installed, lots of files are created that are most likely unknown to Comodo. If a user is in Installation Mode, then these files are allowed to go about their business.

Most of these files are deleted after the installation has completed, leaving obsolete file rules in CIS, mostly in MPF. An automatic purge of these rules after normal mode is restored would be an effective idea, no?

The following sections should be automatically purged:

Network Security Policy
Computer Security Policy
My Own Safe Files (?)
My Pending Files

What do you think?

This would use up resources and could affect other applications as they run. A manual purge is only needed when you feel it is required.

ok fair point, how about an automatic purge, not on a schedule, but automatically when switching back from installation mode? Installing a program creates lots of files which may be unknown to Comodo, and are therefore added to MPF. Most of them are deleted after the installation is completed, so why not just purge them after returning to normal mode. There would probably still be some files left over that still exist, but the user can either deal with, or submit them, or leave them etc

I shall edit my original post to reflect this, since your opinion is very valid.

Now that would be a good idea.

Thanks. I’ve edited the suggestion to reflect this idea :SMLR

I’ve changed my vote also.

Thanks John :SMLR