Automatic loading Comodo prevented in Vista by Windows Defender

I’m running Vista Ultimate and installed CFP_Setup_3.0.15.277_XP_Vista_x32.
Comodo is blocked from an automatic start. A tray icon asks to manually start Comodo.
After opening the tray icon a screen of Windows Defender appears showing a list of programs which have been classified or not for an automatic start. I can’t find a way to change Comodo in a program which is allowed to start automatically.

After every reboot I have to manually start Comodo from the Windows Defender tray icon. Disabling Windows Defender doesn’t make any difference.

Any suggestions?

Are you sure the tray icon is from Windows Defender and not Windows System Configuration or some other program? Is cfp3 listed under windows defender/options/quarantined items? What exactly does the screen say-AFAIK Defender won’t let you start quarantined programs manually either, and doesn’t have a startup only control function.

I’m not surprised:

no that was a joke: seriously Windows Defender has a startup control panel , it’s called Software Explorer and you can disable or remove or re-enable anything from there. It’s got also a quarantine panel where you can remove items if any. But honestly I doubt Windows Defender would block CFP. I know Defender is a bit different in Vista (it’s got a behavior analysis not present when installed in XP), but it must be something else blocking CFP.