Automatic Game Mode

I would like Comodo to automatically go into game mode when I launch a game.

It would be nice to have the facility to specify games, and then as soon as that game is launched Comodo goes into game mode, and when the game is exited Comodo returns to ‘normal’ mode.


This would be good, but instead of having to define a list of games manually, I think it would be reasonable and not to difficult to have it enabled on detection of an application being in full-screen, which most other AV/FW applications do these days.

+1 :-TU


Would be nice for while you’re watching a movie.

+1 [on every full-screen application]
Because we need it on movies too, it can be named Entertainment Mode :wink:


this can be dangerous
understand that game mode not only stop some funtions like updating, it also is a training mode
if it were automatically on then some malwares who show false BSOD and like that will have free pass trought the computer.
so if any “auto” were to be implemented is to turn it automatically off after 1 min the full screen app is closed

i never needed to use such a mode. i make the rules, use an antivirus that doesnt suck too much on the performance… all is fine.

I think the best way to handle this is for CIS to detect when an application is about to go into full-screen mode. Then, before the app goes into full-screen mode, it can give a popup asking if you want to allow it to go into game mode, or not allow it. Also give the options to remember the decision.

That way you can set it to always go into game mode for your games, and it won’t be a security risk for malware because you obviously wouldn’t let it go into game mode.

What do you think?

I must say that this is good idea (Regarding the initial post);
and mix it with Chrion’s Suggestion;

Must have a list that the ‘user’ chooses because if it’s done by monitoring a simple ‘SW_MAXIMIZE’ or some other command in a program; which i could believe be a ■■■■■■ esspcialy if a malware does it, so this is where Chrion’s idea comes in :smiley:


its sound very good
like a new predefined policies
when an app with the game policy runs or all they are closed the game mode turn on and off

I think it would be a very nice idea but not viable as it would be just too risky… best way to solve this would be maybe…

For CIS to ask you whether you trust the game (if it had list of yet to be trusted games…, this list could be helped built by having a 2nd option of submitting it in a new option as Game to Comodo to Anaylse…?) and then if it was or not in the list… you would have the option pop up to add all its files to the trusted… Then maybe if enough people added the Game in question, it would be flagged for review by Comodo to add to trusted Games list

May not make sense or sound silly, thoughts please… be even nice for Staff to give their input on this topic as I think in this day and age Games are an ever growing thing which need to be put into the solution too.

What’s too risky about it?

The user gets an alert asking them what they want to do. They can therefore decide to tell Comodo to always remember their decision to allow, or deny, game mode for that game or not.

Perhaps you’re seeing something I’m not. What’s risky about the idea?

Good idea, but I believe Comodo already does something like this behind the scene. At least I know they prioritize their whitelisting based on how many instances of the file have been seen throughout the community.

I’ve re-read and had an more in-depth thought about it, from my opinion, when I said risky, it’s not as if I know all! I’m just an average user who knows more than most, so yes it would be worth having it the way it’s been said.

Becuase I for one can admit to saying/knowing that although the game mode is nice, it’s just not enough and even more so when I forget to turn it off. lol…

Hope that makes sense (lack of sleep makes me think like that haha)


Opposite to the Installation Mode on version v3.xx that will always bug u with the popup question.

IMO…on v3.xx, you just disabled the AV & D+ to have Game Mode priv.

That’s one thing i like from CIS (on my case it’s v3.xx)…the quick selection to activate/deactivate protection components.