Automatic disable Windows Firewall

I hope there isn’t any thread for this, but it would be nice that Comodo Firewall could offer the option to automatically disable Windows Firewall during installation.

An option you can check to have it done would be nice, but there are some systems that installation does turn off the Windows firewall.

Hi. I know this seems to be the case, but does anyone know why it only does on some and not others? IMO it would seem logical for Comodo Firewall to disable Windows Firewall once it is up and running on all systems, to stop any confusion or Firewall conflicts. Kind regards.

I really do not know anyone to give a definite answer to a question so simple !? :■■■■

This have beeen debated allot but I never saw an ending.
I really don’t know the dificulty of a software to disable the windows firewall.

Maybe some developer can tell us this.
They don’t disable it because they don’t want it to do?( if so, why?)

To ask a developer to explain why Comodo does not disable the Windows Firewall ! Is this a secret !? Who has interests not to give explanations to a problem, … seemingly trivial !? :P0l

Does anyone know ?! YES or NO !!! ???

That’s why people run away FREE software … so that when you ask a simple thing is not responsible! Too bad … ! >:(

Hey and Welcome yo9fah

maybe they have forgotten about it. But it can also be to protect from being hacked after finishing the installation.

For instance, When you install Zonealarm, the Windows firewall will be disable but many recommend that uses zonealarm to enable win firewall because it doesn’t start at booting and during the time ZA starts you are vulnerable.


A feeling that the developers do not listen to the suggestions made by users. :frowning: Many firewalls before installing check if my Windows Firewall, and if active disable it.

@Valentinchen and @Black Star Thank you very much for your responses. But I want to know this … firewall on Windows, what happens to it after installing Comodo. How is it fair or what ?! ;D

yo9fah, I don’t understand your question 100%. The third-part firewall are better than windows firewall. When you have installed comodo and windows firewall disable (turned off) you will have comodo monitoring your computer. You will be protected with comodo.


That’s the question. Why after installing Comodo, the Windows Firewall is still active !?

here is a possible answer.

the truth is there is no real answer to it.


The answer must be a clear, concise, and definitely if you want … professional, this seemingly trivial question ! >:(

Hey again!

  1. I don’t have the answer and my answer doesn’t seem to get through.

  2. It’s not a big deal to disable windows firewall. if it is then it is.

  3. Let go of the question and move on. don’t let this bother you; accept it as it is.


Man, I understood that all such software, automatically disable the Windows Firewall bastard.
Comodo does not do this and I want to know why ! What is so hard to understand !?
A beginner does not know this and maybe it’s harmful.

I did not say that it is difficult to disable the Windows firewall, but why Comodo is not doing it !? And I want to know why !

May I ask why you need to know why comodo doesn’t disable Win firewall so badly. I told my theory

Are you happy with CIS? If you are then everything is good :slight_smile:


I understand. There is no official response. Too bad ! :smiley:

Does anyone on this forum to answer our question !? >:(