Automatic Background Scan

every time I start a scan with CIS I get the scan-window with already checked the “scan in the foreground” option.
could put an option in the “main-settings” of CIS (or main-setting Antivirus example in manual scan option or in task scan add an option “put the scan-window in foreground/background/hidden”)
to define the default position of that window (foreground, background, hidden)?

i found a similar (i think is similar) topic here but there wasn’t the poll

im pretty sure there is already an option like this. i dont have the AV installed but i think its something like show scanning progress or something in the av settings

Yes correct but only for Scheduled settings (show scanning progress).

+1. It does seem silly to have that option in Scheduled scans, but not in Manual scans.

+1 for me too [although I’d like to qualify the wish with a couple of notes :wink: ]

I’d like to suggest that the functionality is a little more “accessible” than it is currently (for both manual + scheduled).

a) A simple solution would be that when you “close” the scan window, instead of the current window saying “do you want to cancel this scan” which only has two options (yes or no), it should have a “run in background” button in addition to just yes/no. This would allow a consistent experience between manual and scheduled scans without complicating the settings UI.

b) Once a scan is in the background (in the current release 5.3.x release, that’s only available with scheduled scans), there is no clean way [that I’ve found!] to bring it to the foreground, or see that it’s running. A small clickable link saying “scan in progress (started 11:25am)” or similar option on the summary page for AV would be great. A quick click on that text could re-initiate the scan window - et Voila!! Option (a) above would allow you to throw it to the background again easily.

Simple, clean and neat - no extra processes or complicated icons and settings, and best of all, no need to retrain granny :smiley: (sweet!)…


a) nice idea the third button, but i I would, however,have the possibility of option in the main settings (like a drop down menu, as for the heuristic level) where we can select the default position of windows scan progress (foreground, background, hidden).

the option, which automatically show the scan-window when it’s finished (or not, an hidden scan, so i can run a silent scan, like admin on every user account, without scaring the user or ask him to do anything - like children account, grandfather account :wink: )

if i run a manual scan i know that scan is started, so why i have to: see the windows on top,then click to put that in background and then in the end re-open the window to see the scan results?

Hi Cema,

From what I can tell, what you’re trying to do is available, but you’re now talking about management of multiple endpoints instead of management of a single PC’s AV needs, so you need to start to look beyond the personal AV solutions and look towards proper network AV management tools.

I believe Comodo’s endpoint security manager allows you to manually initiate AV scans on remote computers and view the status on the admin console (but invisible to users). Someone more familiar with the product than me should be able to provide you with advice on that!

You should look into something like that if you’re managing multiple users on a network.


not multiple pc’s, but multiple users on the same pc.
as i wrote before: children and grandfather accounts need not be scared by AV warnings (they don’t know the correct answer)

so i ask for an option that can enable a background-silent-hidden manual scan, so i can say them: “clic the scan icon, the AV know what to do if is a virus”
→ the scan start but the user don’t see the window (and don’t stress me with “what happens?,what i have to do?”)

not all users know wat to do when they see “in foreground” option, (this happen here, the translated string mean only “in foreground”, not “put this window in foreground”)
they usually click on the X button to close the window, but that mean stop the AV scan.

so this is why i need a default “backgrounded window”, or “hidden window” in the av settings

i hope this is clear